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I worked for two years as an Oregon health insurance agent. First with Mega Life and Health, and then briefly as a general agent, offering nearly every major insurance plan in Oregon.  In 2003 I let my insurance license expire, and these days, my own family has Fortis (now Assurant) for major medical.

In 2010, the insurance companies' fear of the unknown with the impending Obama health plan, has pushed costs out of control for many. I'm lucky, because my family has remained healthy.




Health Insurance agents are honest, but...


They are all at the mercy of the products they represent. I found that choosing the best health insurance for a client was often directly contrary to my own financial interest.


I wanted and needed to make a good living, but the "right choice" for the client often meant much less commission.


Human nature dictates that someone might be inclined to put their own family interests ahead of the clients, and that's why I did not personally enjoy selling health insurance. Simple.


I owned a computer store for 5 years, and closed in 2002, dabbling in insurance. In 2004, I turned my attention back to internet marketing full time, and I've just kept the domain name that I used for insurance.


In the interest of full disclosure, yes. I make a few bucks if you get insurance quotes from Ehealthinsurance using my affiliate links.


The best coverage for your family needs might be from Company X, but I'd almost guarantee that they pay a far lower commission to the salesperson than Company Y. In some cases, the best insurance for a client might have no available commission!



oregon health insurance, portlandCan you see where there's actually a financial disincentive for an agent to steer you into the Company X plan, even though it may be better? 


How can you be sure you're really getting the best choice for your family or business when there's a huge financial incentive for the agent? By shopping and comparing yourself, that's how!


Compare different plans and benefits side by side


I've found an anonymous "no obligation" free quote service that allows you to compare available Oregon health insurance plans side by side. Since the insurance industry is completely and thoroughly regulated by each state, when you fill out the basic form, you get the same pricing as an agent can offer you.

  • Type in your zip code and ages and press a button.

  • Pick the county you reside in and Voila! - Instant and Anonymous 

  • No salesman calls you... unless you ask for one! 

Then you can choose to sort the results by your monthly cost, or sort results by company, or even sort by your chosen deductible amount. Then, if you still want more details, you can choose up to four plans (even from different companies) and with one click, compare plans feature by feature.


You don't have to be an insurance agent to understand the differences, but just in case, they even have a glossary of terms, and specific answers to your questions about the differences.  Still want more? They have Live Online Chat and an actual 800 number so that You can call them if you want to. Once you decide, you can even apply online, or just take the free info and run. The best part is that they don't call you unless you ask them to. 


Stop waiting around and go get your individual, family, or business group health insurance quotes now.


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